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Ideally, each of your permanent teeth should develop and emerge from your gums with a biting surface that meets comfortably with its partner in your dentition. However, genetics and other factors can sometimes cause a tooth to develop with an abnormal shape or size.

Without professional intervention a misshapen tooth could potentially lead to future complications. The uneven relationship with other teeth in your bite pattern could leave the tooth at increased risk for a dental fracture or issues with dental attrition. If the tooth appears in the front of your mouth, it can also have an impact on your smile’s appearance.

To address a misshapen tooth before it leads to further complications, a dentist like Dr. Isabella Shtulman might recommend a dental crown restoration. The treatment process starts with her numbing the tooth and surrounding gums before removing carefully removing the tooth’s natural enamel layer. The underlying dentin can then serve as an abutment capable of anchoring the dental crown.

An impression will be created of the abutment as well as any other related teeth in your mouth, thus guiding the dental technicians who produce your dental crown. When it’s ready, our dentist will cement the dental crown in place with a strong dental adhesive.

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