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Have you noticed that when you eat certain foods, your breath can smell bad afterward? While they may have a pleasing taste, some things that we partake of leave us with an unpleasant gift. Here is just a brief overview of some types of food and drink that can turn our breath putrid.

Many of us understand that onions and garlic have this effect. They have a powerful stench themselves, so they pass that on when we eat them.

Very sugary foods are a cause for concern as well. The concern comes from the facts that sugar clings to teeth and it can rot, causing a bad odor. However, sugar can also be consumed by bacteria, and they make foul-smelling acids when they do.

When looking up drinks that cause this problem, coffee and alcoholic beverages are the first to be mentioned. Apart from their own smell, they bring dehydration to the table, which means smaller amounts of saliva are made. If there is not enough saliva, your mouth cannot remove things like leftover food and acid.

If any of these things are a problem for you, you can try to fix it with these tips. Starting with the obvious, reducing how much you eat and drink items like these will go a long way. When you do take some time to enjoy them, try brushing and flossing your teeth soon afterward to clean your mouth up.

In the case of dehydration, nothing is a better cure than water. If you drink water while you sip some coffee, beer or such, then saliva has a better chance to flow.

If these suggestions do not work for you, and your bad breath will not go away, then come see us at Dental Solutions in Hayward, California. You can consult with Dr. Isabella Shtulman, our dentist, over how to stop it. Call us at 510-782-9942 to schedule your visit.