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Oral health care often consists of making sure you receive the necessary treatments to enhance your smile both through its look and its function. Through the use of highly effective cosmetic dentistry treatments such as dental bonding, you can help repair chips or cracks that may be present with teeth as well as conceal stains or discolorations that may make teeth appear on unappealing.

To help provide a rise to your self-esteem, it’s a good idea to boost your self-image through the use of cosmetic dentistry. With dental bonds, you can not only conceal damage that may have occurred to the surfaces of teeth, but you can help reshape teeth by correcting spacing problems, elongating teeth, and even giving problematic teeth a more natural-looking shape. They’re also highly effective as cosmetic alternatives to dental amalgams if you need a dental filling. Through the use of composite resin bond, you can accurately fill in cavities with tooth-colored fillings that are extremely durable and can last many years.

Dental bonding treatments are well known for their abilities to help protect the roots of a tooth if gum recession is taking place. Gum recession is an oral health condition often associated with gum disease in which your gums are slowly pulling back away from your teeth. This process often exposes more of a tooth’s root. Through the use of dental bonds, you can protect the portion of the tooth’s root that may have been exposed. This will help prevent further dental damage that can arise including pulp death or eventual tooth loss.

The pinnacle of oral health includes restorations such as dental bonding treatments. To book a visit to our dentist office in Hayward, California, please contact Dental Solutions to set up an appointment with Dr. Isabella Shtulman by calling us at 510-782-9942.  We will get you back to smiling once more!